Website Maintenance Packages in India

Website Maintenance Packages

Ensure Seamless Website Performance with our Comprehensive Website Maintenance Packages

While there are numerous Website Maintenance Agencies that offer quick solutions for your website glitches, at UV Soft Solutions, we stand out as a reliable and capable partner, adept at resolving your issues without burdening your budget. Our website maintenance packages are not only affordable but also flexible, providing the ideal solution to address all your website's concerns.


15000 INR/200 USD / Per Year


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20000 INR/250 USD / Per Year


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24000 INR/300 USD / Per Year


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34000 INR/450 USD / Per Year


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The Importance of Support and Website Maintenance Packages for Your Business Website

Your business boasts a fully-functional, appealing, and well-optimized website that you invested significantly in creating. However, you might have overlooked the significance of website support and maintenance services for various reasons. Perhaps you didn't see its value, were overconfident that no issues would arise in the future, or considered it an unnecessary expense. However, this perspective is mistaken, as opting for website maintenance packages is crucial to ensure your website remains operational and up-to-date when you need updates or encounter any technical problems.

Regrettably, only two months after your website's launch, it started experiencing technical glitches. When you approached the website development agency you previously contracted, you were met with disappointment as they claimed their maintenance and support services had already expired the previous month.

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Now, you find yourself in a helpless situation. You lack the necessary skills to resolve the issues, and involving others might compromise your business's confidentiality. As a result, you are unable to serve your customers, leading to a critical situation for your business. In such dire circumstances, the role of a website maintenance company becomes vital in restoring your business's online presence and resolving technical challenges.

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Maintenance Packages

Discover Top-Tier Website Maintenance Solutions from an Elite Company

At UV Soft Solutions, our profound understanding of the significant and subtle challenges encountered by website owners after launching their business websites sets us apart. To address these concerns proactively, we have meticulously crafted a tailored and all-encompassing website maintenance plan that ensures a seamless, swift, secure, and comprehensive online experience for their visitors.


Benefits of Our Custom Website Maintenance Packages in India:

  • Seamless performance across web browsers.
  • Timely resolution of any technical issues.
  • Engaging and captivating website design.
  • Consistently updated and relevant content.
  • Enhanced security for your website.
  • Error-free website functionality.

Understanding Website Maintenance Costs

Creating and maintaining a website is essential for businesses, but estimating maintenance expenses can be challenging. The cost depends on various factors like site complexity, update frequency, and additional features like ecommerce or a blog. Understanding these aspects will help you determine a suitable budget for website maintenance. Costs can range from basic monthly hosting fees to complex development work that requires expertise from an experienced web developer. In general, most websites require ongoing upkeep, including content updates, security measures, checking for broken links or images, testing forms or modules, troubleshooting browser issues, and ensuring all plugins are up-to-date.

The Importance of Investing in Website Maintenance

In the current online business landscape, website maintenance plays a crucial role in business growth. While the costs may seem daunting, investing in regular upkeep is essential for success. Neglecting maintenance can lead to outdated websites and security vulnerabilities. Maintaining a website is an investment that yields lasting advantages for every business that exists online. Regular maintenance ensures smooth website performance, up-to-date and functional features, and protection against hacker attacks. By investing in maintenance, you guarantee a positive customer experience and relevant content, reducing the risk of technical issues affecting customer service or sales conversions due to web hosting problems or glitches.

Affordable Website Maintenance Packages in India by UV Soft Solutions

Are you in search of cost-effective website maintenance packages in India? UV Soft Solutions offers customizable, reasonably priced, and functional website maintenance solutions.

By choosing our packages, you can rid yourself of the worries associated with managing, monitoring, and maintaining a website.

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Maintenance Packages

Website Maintenance Packages


15000 / $200

Per Year

20000 / $250

Per Year

24000 / $300

Per Year

34000 / $450

Per Year
Website Updates (Text, Photos, Pages, Navigation, Videos, Links) Maximum 5 Updates Maximum 10 Updates Maximum 20 Updates Maximum 40 Updates
Technical Support Duration 5 Hours Per Month 5 Hours Per Month 8 Hours Per Month 10 Hours Per Month
Work Completion Time 3 Business Days 3 Business Days 2 Business Days 1 Business Days
New Product Upload Extra Charges Extra Charges Extra Charges Extra Charges
Domain & Hosting Assistance
Website Customization Works Extra Charges Extra Charges Only Basic Changes Allowed Only Basic Changes Allowed
Website Health Check Monthly Monthly Monthly Weekly
Image Optimization Extra Charges Extra Charges Extra Charges Extra Charges
Code Optimization Extra Charges Extra Charges Extra Charges Extra Charges
WordPress Core & Plugin Update Extra Charges Extra Charges Extra Charges Only Basic Changes Will Be Done
Theme Updates*
Website Speed Optimization Extra Charges Extra Charges Extra Charges Extra Charges
Adding and Updating New Content Up to 1 Page Up to 2 Page Up to 3 Page Up to 5 Page
Changes in Address Or Contact Information
Trouble Shooting Server Issues
Scan Website For Malicious Issues
Broken Link Check & Fix Extra Charges Extra Charges Extra Charges Extra Charges
Get Support On Email Email Phone/Email Phone/Email

Introducing a Comprehensive and Tailor-Made Website Maintenance Package

We take pride in presenting a website maintenance package that addresses every possible issue, regardless of its magnitude. Our inclusive website maintenance packages provide solutions for various web design, development, database connectivity, security, and other concerns. With an accomplished team of award-winning developers, designers, and digital marketers, we surpass our customers' expectations, ensuring the continuous enhancement and upkeep of your website. Browse through our web maintenance service plans and prices to experience our proficiency.

Our website maintenance package comprises the following essential services:

Website Designing

Regular Updates

Website Development

Technical Support

CMS Development

WordPress Maintenance

E-commerce Website

Services Updates

Our Website Maintenance Pricing Plan Encompasses Solutions For:

Designing | Development | Database | Security | Performance | SEO

Your website serves as your digital storefront, often being the first point of interaction between users and your business. To leave a lasting impression and encourage desired actions, your website must excel in all aspects. Juggling business demands and website needs can be challenging, but with UV Soft Solutions' website maintenance services, you have a reliable partner. Our website maintenance package offers comprehensive solutions for all types of website issues, ensuring your website remains at its best.

Security Concerns

  • Identifying and addressing potential malicious insiders within your website.
  • Ensuring the SSL certificate is up-to-date and properly configured.
  • Addressing vulnerabilities caused by running outdated software on your website.

Design-Related Matters

  • Updating the existing design or features on your website.
  • Introducing new design elements or features to enhance your website.
  • Managing content and image updates on your website.
  • Adding new posts to your website's blog section.

SEO Enhancements

  • Implementing strategies to improve your website's search engine ranking.
  • Providing assistance with domain and hosting-related queries.
  • Addressing functional issues on your website.
  • Fixing bugs related to the payment gateway.
  • Managing products on your e-commerce website.
  • Resolving script and functionality-related bugs on your website.
  • Ensuring timely updates for WordPress themes and plugins.

Development Challenges

  • Optimizing the code for better website performance.
  • Introducing new design elements or features to enhance your website.
  • Managing content and image updates on your website.
  • Adding new posts to your website's blog section.

Performance Optimization

  • Identifying and removing broken links and non-functioning pages.
  • Regularly backing up your website data for security and recovery purposes.
  • Improving and maintaining the loading speed of your website.
  • Conducting periodic health checks to ensure website functionality and performance.
Webite Maintenance Packages

Reasons to Opt for UV Soft Solutions for Website Maintenance Packages:

When seeking a trustworthy website maintenance company with a proven track record of satisfied clients, UV Soft Solutions stands out as the ideal choice. Here's why:

  • Customized website maintenance plans.
  • Over 8 years of experience.
  • Specialization and expertise.
  • A highly dedicated team.
  • A history of serving 500+ content and satisfied clients.
  • Excellent customer support.

Acquire Website Maintenance Services for Enhanced:

Usability | Functionality | Reliability | Security

The online landscape is teeming with millions of searches per second, and chances are your website receives its fair share of visitors. Imagine a user visiting your site for the first time, only to encounter technical glitches. Even if they intended to make a purchase, such issues might deter them from proceeding further.

Now consider that this experience is not unique, and many others may face similar problems. Consistently losing users due to these issues can lead to significant business losses. To avert such setbacks, it is crucial to address website maintenance promptly and ensure uninterrupted user access to your products and services.

At UV Soft Solutions, we offer our assistance in handling your website maintenance needs. Count on us to be there when you require our support.


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Frequently asked questions

Web designing involves creating well-structured web pages with an organized layout.
The advantages of web designing include responsive design for all devices, improved performance and speed, reliability, and clean code.
You will receive regular progress reports by accessing the provided URL.
Select the website design package based on your preferred layout and graphics.
The cost of web designing services in India depends on the complexity of the website, varying from simple dynamic websites to complex e-commerce platforms.
Yes, we provide website redesign services to enhance performance and user experience.
Certainly, we develop responsive websites that adapt to various screen sizes.
Yes, you can view your website's progress during development through demo links.
We offer up to 2 free revisions during the development phase if you change your mind about the design or other major changes. Small revisions during development are free, but changes after the website goes live will be billed accordingly.
A well-designed website effectively engages audiences, drives traffic, and increases conversions.
You can trust UV Soft Solutions due to their extensive experience, skilled designers, a diverse portfolio of live websites, and previous demonstrations of their work.
When contracting with us for website design, you need to provide essential details such as the website's purpose, target audience, and desired features.
Creating a website depends on your needs and objectives. It's crucial for businesses to establish an online presence and reach new customers.
The type of website depends on its purpose, such as a blog for sharing thoughts, a portfolio site for showcasing work, or an e-commerce site for selling products online.
Important questions to ask include defining the website's concept, identifying the target audience, choosing a domain name and design, and creating website content.
Yes, website maintenance is crucial to keep the website updated and running smoothly.
The cost of hosting a website varies based on its size, complexity, and hosting provider.
The time to build a website depends on its size and complexity, usually taking 2-6 months on average.
The cost of website development depends on design, functionality, content, and hosting requirements.
When hiring a web developer, consider their experience, expertise, and track record in similar projects.
The choice of CMS depends on the level of control, customization, and support needed. Options include WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.
The cost of website renewal depends on the type of site and the need for additional features or design changes.
The number of pages on a website depends on the business type and the amount of information to be shared.
Creating a website for free is possible using website builders or open-source content management systems, but there may be limitations and ads.
Website design costs vary depending on complexity, customization, and features required.
The cost of a one-page website depends on design complexity and included features, but they are usually more limited in functionality.
The time to build a website depends on its complexity, with estimates ranging from 20-40 hours.
Building a website requires some technical expertise and effort, but it can be rewarding.
Creating a website can be a lot of work, but it's worth it for establishing a successful online presence.
A website is essential for small businesses to have an online presence, share information, and engage with customers.
Websites offer benefits such as easy updates and customer support, but they can be expensive to maintain and vulnerable to attacks.
Website builders may have limitations in design, functionality, and SEO-friendliness compared to custom-built websites.
Websites are preferred over apps due to lower costs, wider device compatibility, easier updates, and broader accessibility.
The affordability of creating a website or app depends on the project's complexity and needs.
Starting a website affordably can be done using website builders, purchasing a domain and hosting, or using free services with limitations.
Monthly fees for a website depend on the chosen platform, with paid options offering more features and support, while free options have limited features and support.
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